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Westing, Mary Ann (I62)

Minute of Chertsey Union Workhouse 'House and Boarding Out Committee' 17 November 1885; A. Cobbett in the chair: 'A report was received from the medical officer on the circumstances attending the death of Julia Buss, late an inmate of the workhouse.' Report received and adopted by full Board of Guardians, 24 November 1885. 
Hawkins, Julia (I47)
Chance, William (I30)
Wilson, Charlotte Ellen (I42)
Harper, Lydia (I152)
Butler, Ellen (I185)
Devonport, Mary (I540)
Ealey, William Charles (I546)
Ealey, William Charles (I546)
Family: Thomas Grant / Mary Ann Ealey (F146)
Family: William Charles Ealey / Beatrice Mary White (F151)
12  Richards, Louisa (I49)
13 Histories - Sleeping with a corpse' for a newspaper report on Matthew's death and inquest
Butler, Matthew (I124)
14 'Haggie' Chance also registered at this address, but as age 16. Annie's sister Agnes was in fact two years older. Same person? Likely. Chance, Annie Harriet (I7)
15 1861 Census says Birmingham. Wilson, William (I33)
16 Also listed at parental home! Sweatman, Ellen (I604)
17 Baptised by Edward T. Clarke. Buss, Herbert John (I4)
18 Baptised by Hugh S. Beard. Wilson, Elsie (I5)
19 Baptised by John Wesley Waddell. Patrick, Eva (I15)
20 Birth date from IGI. Chance, Joseph (I59)
21 Birth date from IGI. Wiltshire, Stephen (I61)
22 Birth location from 1861 Census.
Butler, Charlotte (I187)
23 Birth location from 1871 Census. Gepp, Mary Ann (I45)
24 Birth location from 1871 Census. Wilson, Rose (I120)
25 Birth location from 1871 Census. Wilson, Frederick Thomas (I121)
26 Christian name omitted from register. Nettlefold, Sarah [Likely] (I313)
27 Date from IGI.
Richards, Hannah (I141)
28 Date from IGI. Richards, Emily (I142)
29 Date source: IGI. Sweatman, Henry James (I633)
30 Died falling off a ladder while painting his house. Inquest reported in the St. Pancras Gazette on 11 April 1874. Wilson, William (I33)
31 From 1911 Census. Daly, William (I104)
32 From his grandaughter, Chris Murphy: "My Grandad Ted was an Engineer by trade. He served in both world wars, during WW1 he was shot in the leg and sent home to recover. He volunteered to serve his country again during WW2 and was given a desk job because of his earlier injuries. He died only a few months before I was born." Wells, Edward Arthur (I66)
33 Grave 659. Hawkins, Julia (I47)
34 Grave 728. Sweatman, Ellen (I28)
35 Grave 728. Buss, John (I153)
36 He did not attend his father's funeral in 1931 but his wife did, indicating that he predeceased him. Butler, William (I177)
37 He was living with his two daughters. Wilson, William Thomas (I116)
38 Henrietta was a widow, having been previously married to Thomas Owens (1879-1902)
Family: William Butler / Henrietta McKittrick (F195)
39 Henry adopted the name 'Sweetman' before his marriage and all children and subsequent generations were registered as such. Sweatman, Henry (I204)
40 Her occupation is listed as 'Supported by daughter' (Annie). Clark, Elizabeth (I98)
41 His ashes are buried at Hampstead Cemetery, Fortune Green Road, London. Daly, Daniel Kevin (I2)
42 In the 1861 Census, she was wrongly listed as 'Margaret'. Gepp, Mary Ann (I45)
43 Julia Buss listed as 'wife' not widow in 1885; ASB listed as 'deceased' on his son AJB's Marriage Certificate in 1894. Buss, Albert Sweatman (I27)
44 Listed as 'Eliza Chalcraft'. Sweatman, Eliza (I615)
45 Listed as 'Harry' Buss, Henry Douglas (I713)
46 Listed as 'Lucy' Buss, Louisa Georgina E (I706)
47 Listed as 'Rolinson' but other details tally. Family: Thomas Rollason / Hannah Richards (F185)
48 Listed as 'Wimbledon' in 1861 & 1871 Census. Sweatman, William Benjamin (I606)
49 Listed as Annie. Gepp, Sarah Ann (I144)
50 Listed as Louisa. Gepp, Emily Louisa (I145)

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