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ALBERT SWEATMAN BUSS - where did he go?

Albert Sweatman Buss seems to have disappeared off the genealogical radar in 1877, the last mention of him. His wife Julia died in Chertsey Workhouse in 1885, and she is listed as 'Married; his son Alfred John was married in 1894, and his father is 'Deceased'. Yet there is no death certificate, either between or after these dates and the circumstances surrounding Julia's admission to the workhouse (together with their children) and her untimely death there are very strange.
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Frederick Charles WILSON (b.1906). Fred seems to have lost contact with his many siblings and we don't know what happened to him or much about his family. We understand he married a woman named Lil and had several children, including a son also named Fred. They were living in Morden, Surrey in the 1950s.
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